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Hængekøje i kvalitet. Brazilian Double Hammock COPA canarinha Zoom

Hængekøje i kvalitet. Brazilian Double Hammock COPA canarinha

SKU: CPH16-5
COPA ? Our tribute to Brazil and soccer!

Never boring! Canarinha is a classic beauty creating fun and Brazilian vibes.

COPA is a high-quality double hammock made of pure organic cotton. Traditional handicraft, quality, and exceptional comfort all rolled into one. Thanks to a diagonally flexible weave, the fabric of this hammock really follows the contours of your body, providing you with unique comfort. Skillfully made decorative fringes and macramé between fabric and the many suspension cords are not only typical for hammocks from Brazil, they also create a very even distribution of weight.

Treat yourself and street children from Brazil by purchasing a COPA!

With the proceeds of the COPA campaign, LA SIESTA supports the social initiative ?Dito Escolinha? in Fortaleza, Brazil. For each COPA sold, LA SIESTA will donate ? 5 to the German charity ?Tor zur Hoffnung? (?Gateway To Hope?) which in return supports Dito?s beach soccer academy with training accessories, learning aid and much more.

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Additional Information

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    Fabric width

    160 cm (5 ft 3 in)

    Total length

    350 cm (11 ft 6 in)

    Cloth length

    230 cm (7 ft 7 in)

    Carrying capacity

    160 kg (355 lbs)

    Number of cords


    Country of origin


    Material description

    100 % hard-wearing and fuzz-free cotton from organic cotton production, complies with EU regulation EEC 834/2007

    Required minimum distance

    310 cm (10 ft 2 in)

    Pure Cotton

    Pure, non-recycled cotton: hard-wearing and fuzz-free


    Typical feature of Colombian hammocks: open loop at the end of the suspension

    Cotton from organic production

    Hard-wearing and fuzz-free cotton from organic cotton production: complies with EU regulation EEC 834/2007

    Traditional Colombian plaits

    Traditional artwork from Colombia: plaited warp threads

    Traditional fringes

    A Brazilian status symbol: decorative fringes on the borders of the lying surface

    Brazilian macramé

    Traditional artwork from Brazil: fine macramé netting at the endings of the fabric

    Stretchable lying surface

    Diagonally flexible: additional comfort due to a special weave

    Tearproof selvage

    The two borders of the lying surface feature a particularly tight weave. Thanks to this robust surface, exceptional stability is guaranteed.

    Unbleached cotton

    Unbleached and uncoloured cotton. Reduced water and energy consumption during production.

    Tested by TÜV

    Products tested and certified by the German TÜV Rheinland.

    Certified cotton according to OE 100 Standard

    Certified organic cotton according to Organic Exchange 100 Standard.


    Machine-washable at 30 °C, gentle cycle


    Thanks to a modern high-pressure multi-layer lamination and a special immersion bath, you can leave your stand outside all summer without hesitation.

    High number of suspension cords

    The more suspension cords you can count, the better the load distribution between fabric and suspension. This creates a hammock of unique comfort.